Alexandra Crying Doll

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Alexandra's crying doll is 43 cm tall. The mouth, handles and legs are made of a delicate, pleasant to the touch vinyl, and the belly is soft, which makes the doll perfect for hugging. Large, blue eyes, a tiny nose, ears, small shiny lips and chubby cheeks are the features of this doll. The girl never leaves her beloved soother when someone wants to take it, she will cry and call "Mama", "Pappa", she calms down as she puts the pacifier in her mouth. The doll has shoulder-length thick blonde hair with fringe, tied in two ponytails, topped with pink hair bands with fluffy pompoms. Alexandra is wearing a light pink wool sweater with a decorative weave and a white fur collar; light pink ruffled skirt with little lambs and a black tulle bow. The styling is complemented by white socks with pink, satin bows on the sides. The doll is packed in a decorative cardboard box, so without unnecessary additional packaging, it can be presented as a gift. It is a great toy for children of all ages.