MI LOVES Suede Pompom Boots in Pink


MI LOVES Suede Pompom Boots in Pink

Small fit(please size up)
-Suede Uppers

-Thick Winter Lining

-Soft Rubber sole 

Knitted knee high socks with velvet bows SOLD SEPARATELY (Also available on the website)

Size chart for boots as follows :
Size 20-Sole 14cm,Inside 12.5cm
Size 21-Sole 14.5cm,Inside 13cm
Size 22-Sole 15cm,Inside 13.5cm
Size 23-Sole 16cm,Inside 14cm
Size 24-Sole 16.5cm,Inside 14.5cm
Size 25-Sole 17cm,Inside 15cm
Size 26-Sole 17.5cm,Inside 15.5cm
Size 27-Sole 19cm,Inside 16cm
Size 28-Sole 19.5cm,Inside 17cm
Size 29-Sole 20cm,Inside 17.5cm
Size 30-Sole 21cm,Inside 18cm